Date: 14 April 2014
Time: 15:30 – 18:30
Venue: Gonville & Caius College

Absent: Yaohua Guo

Matters for ALL committee members

Matters Details Action by
Garden Party Come up with a theme for Garden Party Everyone
Possible Activities:
Bouncy castle
Eating competition
Beer, etc.*Last chance to get CCS married*
Weicong Chen in charge of food preparation and scene set up
Possible Venue:
St. Johns
Weicong Chen
(Xuanpu Chen)
book venue
Preferred Dates:
18 Jun > 19 Jun > 15 Jun
2pm – 6 pm
Kejing Wang start advertising once venue and dates are settled

Orientation Camp

Possible Start Dates:
2 Sept or 3 Sept
Weicong Chen confirm and book venue
4 days 3 nights
* Changes:
All activities paid in advance
No compulsory KTV at the first night
Possibly add activities after the formal
Reduce the talks to 1 hour each day, NOT piling up within one day
Design T-shirts
committee T-shirt for O’camp
exclusive O’camp T-shirt for participants
Xuanpu Chen
O’camp for Publicity
Start Advertising after A-level results day
–> Wechat, Renren, FB, QQ, College emails, etc
Manage QQ groups
Kejing Wang
O’camp for Sponsor
Possibly find new sponsors to give talk during O’camp
Yilun Wu
Photograph Competition Theme to be confirmed ASAP Xueying Fang

Matters for Individual committee members

Matters Details Action by
Interactive Calendar for taxi sharing Collect flight details and enable members to share taxis to airport Ximing Wang
CCS Website updates Ensure photos and events are updated intime Ximing Wang
Establish BBS Create BBS on CCS Website Ximing Wang
CCS membership card discount Seven Days, HK fusion, etc Yilun Wu
Get more members involved Come up with new events to approach members who are less social.
Eg. Cosplay, etc.
Xuanpu Chen
Inform committee meeting Remind meeting time and venue by Wechat Xuanpu Chen
Members Hoodie  1. In addition to committee hoodie, this year we will firstly have members T-shirt for O’camp.
2. In fresher’s squash, members could sign up for members hoodie
Xuanpu Chen
Make committee meeting minutes more public Attach meeting minutes in CCS newsletter Kejing Wang
Newsletter template Use more attractive and professional template for CCS newsletter Kejing Wang
Link CCS with other society Be prepared to catch up with other society. Make CCS more interactive Kejing Wang
Photo updates Update event photos on social media in time
eg. FB, Renren
Kejing Wang
Fresher’s Guide 1. Update college description
2. Update restaurants
3. Add timeline for CCS events
4. Possibly add formal timetable designed by Ruby Zhao
5. Introduce CCS family system
Xueying Fang
Magazine — Yan Wu Yan 1. Possibly add graduation reflection session
2. Possibly new sessions on food, music, travel, formals, etc.
3. Hire sub-committee
4. *Publish electronic magazine first. If required, provide hard copy, but NOT free anymore
5. Publish electronic magazine more frequently
6. * Popularize and advertise the magazine more
7. Possibly add advertisement for our sponsors in the magazine
Xueyinig Fang
Video — Wen Wu Yan 1. Make it more Wechat friendly.  eg. Create Douban FM
2. Make it open and encourage members to get involved.
Xueying Fang
Play Producer 1. Sub-committee hired.
13 members
2. To be more professional: document, timeline, etc.
3. Present cosmic dialogue from CCS to Gala, CNY every year.
[Not priority]
4. Go into ADC
Guoshuai Cao
Scintillate 1. Venue: Robinson College
2. Improve competition system
one song only for each candidate
be more active and diverse when performing. eg. band, piano etc.
Yibo Jin
CCS Family Organize family trip during Michealmas term Yibo Jin
Advertise CCS family system before O’camp Kejing Wang
Describe CCS family system in Fresher’s Guide Xueyinig Fang
Limited the number of children per CCS family. Yibo Jin
CCS Marriage Create a Google Doc to record CCS marriage Yibo Jin
Treasure Create a standardized process for fund application Haitong Wang
Changes in Constitution for Resignation 1. Before the AGM results coming out, candidates may withdrawal their application
2. Within one week after AGM, a written resignation letter is required if a candidate decides to resign. Committees have to hold committee meeting and discuss the issues. The candidate for that role with the second highest votes would win the election.
3. For all other conditions, decision-making power is left to committee members.
Yuanwang Wang

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