2010-2011 Ents Events

date item significance
2010.4.6 Alton Tower Trip Society Tradition.
Popular day trip outside Cambridge during ester holiday. Tickets sold out fast.

Recommended by people going.

2010.6.12 garden party one of the largest garden parties organized by societies.
Attendance 70+.

Society tradition.

Event at end of academic year. Suitable for sponsorship as putting banners and ticketing.

2010.10.10 Fresher’s formal Attendance 60+
Society tradition.

First formal of the academic year in order to provide a platform for fresher’s to know each other.
Very popular

2010.10.10 Punting Society tradition.

Cambridge unique social activities.

2010.10.28 family formal Newly created ccs family system have raised the opportunities for events organized in the terms of family. It is a system of 2 senior students as parents taking junior students as children. Very popular.
2010.11.6 Paintballing A traditional joint event with ABACUS.

Adding varieties to ccs events. Loved by people attended.

2010.111 Dim Sum&Sushi night A new joint event with Japanese society. Tickets sold out very fast. Limited by the size of the venue. Potentially could be larger event.
2010.11.11 Single’s formal Society tradition. An event serves the purpose of blind date in the form of formal. Few couples made after the event.
2010.11.18 Catz Joint formal A joint event with many other international societies. Many members got chance to meet other international students and made friends with.
2010.11.30 Wolfson Joint formal A joint event with CSSA. Attendance limited by the time which is after term ended.
2011.01.27 Pre-Chinese-new-year Formal An event to celebrate the Chinese new year. Very welcomed by Chinese students.
2011.02.17 Annual Dinner Attendance ~70.

Society tradition.

Booked one of the largest dining halls in the Cambridge. Could be bigger size. Underestimation of attendance.

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