Date: 14/03/2012

Time: 19.00—21.00

Place: Shabushabu


Bono Xu

Haiwen Zhang

Jingyi Liu

Jialiang Chen

Yu Hu

Sichen Liu

Liujun Duan

Xiaodong Zhang

Moquan Wan

Tian Zhong

Jingjing Li

Jin Dai


No. Matter Discussed Action by/decision made/details
1 New Treasurer: Jin Dai Contact Information:Tel: 07503 533133
2 Recap of CUCCS’s general directions:Democracy—decision-making in the meeting. Committee as a whole is responsible for all decisions, not individuals. Therefore decisions are made by the committee, not individuals.
3 Introduction of projects:One-off events :1)     Garden Party

2)     Orientation Camp

3)     Alumni Round Table Dinner

4)     Scintillate

5)     Annual Play


Need to plan ahead to avoid emergencies, book the place as soon as possible.


Deadlines for those events:Easter Term 2012

Michaelmas Term 2012


Michaelmas Term 2012

Lent Term 2013

4 Presentation of the provisional project teams.These teams were formed based on what each committee member

said he/she was more and less interested in during the meetings

they had individually with them.

Garden Party:Yu Hu, Moquan Wan, Jialiang Chen, Jingjing Li 

Orientation Camp:

Yu Hu, Haiwen Zhang, Sichen Liu, Jin Dai, Liujun Duan, Xiaodong Zhang


Alumni Round Table Dinner:

Yu Hu, Boruo Xu, Haiwen Zhang, Jingyi Liu, Tian Zhong


5 Garden PartyShould be done in Easter Term.


Logistics: ideal place: St. Jones College


Publicity: cooperate with Publicity Officer, Vice President, Secretary and IT Officer. (Yu Hu)




Preliminary decision made by Fri, 30th of Mar.

6 Annual PlayRecruit director through public.Start finding play script during Easter Break. (Liujun Duan)



7 Sub-committeeAny officer shall have the rights to recruit a subcommittee(s) to assist its project, either by election or interview or similar selection process. Officers with a subcommittee(s) shall be responsible for the subcommittee(s) to CCS committee.


CCS committee shall have the right to disband the subcommittee, appoint or replace a subcommittee member(s), based on the majority vote in the committee meeting.


8 Changing ConstitutionNeeds to be done.


President and secretary with other people who are interest in this shall form the constitution committee, in charge of amending the constitution.


Key changes: specify officers’ roles and increase the power of committee.




Deadline: end of the Easter Break

Estimated workload: a day.

9 Task Table and Projects Based on GoogleSwitch the jobs within the committee into project based.


Each member is responsible to update the rate of progress of his/her part of the project.

10 Online Photography CompetitionTheme: ‘The Moment of the Year’ In charge:Boruo Xu and Yu Hu 
11 Half-day/day trip for committee members See later notification
12 Next Meeting Date: 05/04/2012Time: 14.00Place: St. Jones JCR (Moquan Wan please sort out the venue)


People who are not able to come please inform the committee in advance.


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