Date: 25/04/2012

Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: Queen’s Building Seminar Room,

Emmanuel College

Apologies from:

Jingjing Li

Xiaodong Zhang


Bono Xu

Haiwen Zhang

Jingyi Liu

Yu Hu

Liujun Duan

Xiaodong Zhang

Moquan Wan

Jin Dai

Sichen Liu

Tian Zhong


No. Matter Discussed Action by/decision made/details
1 Task table in Google Docs Each member should regularly check your tasks via task table in Google Docs. 

Once the task is done, colour the tick red.

2 An acknowledgement of £1,100 donation from the last CCS committee We appreciate the last committee members for the donation. (a donation of £200 per executive committee member and  £100 per general committee member)
3 About the budget Current budget: £400 

Every event organizer should minimise the cost(especially the costs of hiring event venues)(Jin Dai)

Get more sponsorship if necessary (Boruo Xu andJingjing Li)

4 Online Competition Prize Giving Prize will be given at Garden Party. 

Contact the prize winners (whether they’ll be available to come) (Yu Hu)

5 Basketball Court Time

every Saturday 20.00-22.00


£833.60 in total (2 terms,16 times) (Xiaodong Zhang)

6 Garden Party 














3 possible places:

St. John’s need to consider

Newnham prices, availability

SHB of music, water,


electricity,BBQ etc.


16/05 or 17/05(preferred)




Programmes (preliminary):

-CCS family announcement

-online competition prize giving

-CUCOS performance

-group games (assign an number to each guest)



7 Scintillate 




Opening Video


Déjà vu


At the end of Opening Video:

Recording of audience coming in to watch Scintillate (may vary with the storyline)

8 Cultural Event and Language Class with Hills Road Sixth Form College Advertise the Chinese-learning partnership via email and newsletter. (Haiwen Zhang and Sichen Liu)
9 O-camp 



Possible place


Early September


东方绿洲 (Shanghai)

10 CCS 2011-2012 membership list Try 2011-2012 family list and mailing list (Jingyi Liu)
11 Next Meeting Place: Pending (will inform before the meeting) 


Date: 15/06/2012


Time: pending (will inform before the meeting)



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