Date: 06/16/2012

Time: 18:00-20:00

Place: St. John’s College JCR


Bono Xu

Haiwen Zhang

Jingyi Liu

Yu Hu

Liujun Duan

Xiaodong Zhang

Moquan Wan

Jin Dai

Sichen Liu

Tian Zhong

Jingjing Li

Xiaodong Zhang



No. Matter Discussed Action by/decision made/details
1 Summary of  tasks for each position
1.1 Everyone -Send CCS document you have to Moquan Wan (via email or google doc) 

-Opening video shooting onThurs, 21st of June

1.2 IT officer -Update website 

-Set up a google calendar

1.3 Publicity -Newsletter template
1.4 Treasurer Conduct a budget statement including valuation of assets
1.5 Sports Officer Organize football match (could give formal responsibility to non-committee members) 


1.6 Sponsorship Officer -Get sponsorship from local restaurants/companies 


HK fusion, Sevendays, Shabushabu etc. (Bono Xuand Jingjing Li)

1.7 Play Officer -Storyline to be sorted out during summer holiday 

-Auditions in week 2 and 3, Michaelmas Term

-Book auditorium room in Robinson at the beginning of Michaelmas

1.8 Vice President -Language class interview 

-Scintillate Opening vedio (21stof June)

1.9 Ents Officer -O-camp 

Time: 1st of Sep- 5th of Sep(preliminary)

1.10 Magazine Officer -Get Subcommittee mailing list (includes Yu Hu, Haiwen Zhang, Jin Dai, Jingyi Liu) 

-Budget for the magazine:£1,000

-No. of copies: 150-200

1.11 Secretary -Design hoddies, membership card, tickets and posters


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