Date: 03/10/2012

Time: 16:30-18:30

Place:  Camden House Meeting Room, Emmanuel College



Bono Xu

Haiwen Zhang

Jingyi Liu

Xiaodong Zhang

Moquan Wan

Jin Dai

Tian Zhong

Jingjing Li

No. Matter Discussed Action by/decision made/details
1 Basketball Court Payment need to be made. (Jin Dai)

total amount: £833.60

deadline: 6th of Oct

2 Freshers’ Squash time

1.00 pm, 6th of Oct



Keynes Hall, King’s College



Every Committee member should send a PPT about  his/her job responsibilities and major events that he/she organizes to Moquan Wan by 4th of Oct



-6 laptops needed (Jin, Moquan, Haiwen, Bono, Jingyi, Tian)


-flyers, CCS membership card and mandarin classes poster needed(Bono and Jingyi)


-helper: Weichen Zhang (Xiaodong Zhang)


-snacks and drinks:

Budget: £30 for 100 people(Jingyi Liu)


job responsibilities

Language class: Haiwen

Registration: Moquan, Bono and Jingyi

Cashier: Tian

Card writing: Jin and Xiaodong


2 First email to mailing list(Jin Dai) Content:

  1. Squash details( introduction of CCS, membership signing-up)
  2. Membership Fee (one year and life-time)
  3. Mandarin Classes (Haiwen)
  4. Basketball (Xiaodong)
  5. Scintillate audition (Haiwen)
  6. Alumni database (Bono)
  7. Advertisement
3 Language class (Haiwen) -Contract

-Feedback System

-Poster delivery

Update information on Google Doc(Bono,Haiwen, Jingyi Xiaodong,Moquan,Jingjing Tian and Jin)

4 Scintillate (Haiwen) Place of Scintillate to be confirmed

Queen’s,  John’s(Moquan ask Juyang)

Audition Time

1.00-5.00pm, 13th and 14th of Oct

5 Magazine(Tian Zhong) Date of publication: end of Oct (preliminary)

Tian ask Liang Zhang for information about publishing company

6 Next Meeting Time

18.00, 6th of Oct

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