Date: 29/11/2012

Time: 19.00-21.00

Place:  Old Development Room, Emmanuel College



Bono Xu

Haiwen Zhang

Jingyi Liu

Tian Zhong

Jin Dai


Sichen Liu

Liujun Duan

Apologies From:

Xiaodong Zhang

Moquan Wan

Yu Hu


No. Matter Discussed Action by/decision made/details
1 Motions from Sponsorship Officer Jingjing Li New Sponsor  London Office Space

Amount sponsored       £150

Company logo on the Annual play posters (Liujun, Jingyi) and magazines (Tian)


2 Motions from President Bono Xu New Sponsor

张俊杰 (summer camp)

Bono and Jingjing went to see the sponsor and discuss with him about more details on Sat, 1st of Dec

3 Motions from Magazine Officer Tian Zhong Magazine Vol.1 done by Lent term

Magazine Vol.2 done before AGM

4 Fei Cheng Wu Rao

非诚勿扰(Haiwen Zhang)

Preliminary time: week 4 or 5

Venue needs to be booked ASAP

Devices such as lights, buttons etc.


Introduction booklet for candidates (Jingyi)

5 Annual Play(Liujun Duan) Budget

Total budget                 £2682

PLUS :deposit                £100

 place holding    £260



Generally on track

Backstage undecided



Price:  ccs member & reserved       £8

 ccs member & pay at door  £10

(ccs member needs to show his/her membership card and ticket to enter the theatre)

standard & reserved            £10

standard & pay at door        £12


Online ticketing: Paypal (Jin and Moquan)


Posters & tickets

Posters and tickets to be printed in China during X’mas holiday (Liujun)



Liujun buy costumes and props in China


6 Formals next term(Yu Hu) Lantern Festival Formal ( ask which college can provide yuanxiao as dessert)


Another formal (needs to think of a theme)


Annual dinner

Preliminary date: 15/03,  16/03 or 17/03

7 AGM Preliminary date 10/03

Yearbook (Jingyi)

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