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Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society, usually referred to as CCS, is one of the biggest non-profit organizations run by Chinese students in the University of Cambridge.

Founded in 1998 by a group of enthusiastic Chinese undergraduates, CCS aims to enhance the influence of Chinese culture in Cambridge. Since its founding, CCS has grown tremendously into a society with over 800 members, consisting of students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and UK. The society regularly organizes a great variety of fun-filled and meaningful events, which not only enriches the university life, but also strengthens the bonds between our members. Furthermore, these activities also unfold the rich and fascinating Chinese culture to other students in Cambridge.

The first annual play  (《雷雨》) struck Cambridge in 2003. The response was overwhelming – Each year, tens of thousands of audiences, including both University students and local residents, are attracted by the annual play. Also in the same year, CCS launched the production of the semester magazine,  (《言吾言》), which is written by talented student writers. The magazine reaches every single member free of charge, and has since become the most influential in the local Chinese community. Apart from these, a range of sports matches against other societies are also organized each year to encourage CCS members to integrate into the University community. CCS also operates Mandarin lessons, and organizes various events such as garden parties, formals and theme park trips etc. to entertain our members.

Today CCS is widely acclaimed by students around Cambridge and it has been continued year after year by the committee members elected in the Annual General Meeting. And it is our members’ support that makes CCS becoming a more integrated, fun, well-organized society. Thank you!

Chinese version:

剑桥大学中国文化促进协会,即CUCCS (Cambridge University Chinese Culture Society), 是一个由在剑桥大学的中国学生组织的规模最大的非营利社团。


2003年,第一部话剧《雷雨》在剑桥一经上演,就掀起了轰动。此后,每年的中国话剧都吸引了成百上千来自剑桥学生和当地居民的观众。 同年,CCS开始发行了第一部由才华横溢的中国学生们编写的半年刊杂志,《言吾言》。杂志被免费发送给每一位会员,因此也成为了在中国人社团中的主要影响力。除此之外,CCS组织的每年和其他社团的体育比赛也鼓励了其会员融洽进大学其他群体的机会。CCS运作的普通话课,组织的丰富多彩的活动,例如游园会,晚宴,主题公园游览等,都为会员们提供了娱乐机会。


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