Annual Play 2008

2008 Annual Play《Autumn Begins》

“天地生人 有一人应有一人之业;人生在世 生一日当尽一日之勤,勤奋、敬业、谨慎、诚信”——马家祖训

Play Summery
“Nature created man, so each man has each man’s achievements; man is alive, because each day brings each day’s challenges. One must be diligent, dedicated, cautious, trustful and honest.”———-Ma’s family motto


总经理马洪翰面对客户挤兑、天津分号 被烧、大批国内外借款不能收回的困境,他恪守祖训,循规蹈矩,独撑危局,誓为丰德护碑守门。副总经理许凌翔则主张顺应潮流,抓住机遇,将丰德号融入现代银 行的轨道。丰德票号何去何从?。仁者见仁,智者见智,一场“银行派”和“票号派”的纷争在情同手足的挚友间开始了,其中传统与革新、理智与情感,相矛盾、相交织、相冲突、高潮迭起、动人心 魄,意味深长。




In the early years of the Republic (1910s), chaos consumed the country, the fate of the nation hung in the balance. The richest merchant families in the world for the past few hundred years, the Jin group is facing a survival test. Even with its record of magnificent achievements and worldwide branches, the Feng De feudal bank is facing an inevitable crisis.

General manager Honghan Ma faces queues of panicking customers, after the major branch in Tianjin burnt down, and much of the internal and external debts can not be recalled. He follows his ancestors’ teachings, turning precedence into law; single handedly holding the helm in the storm, he vows to guard and reputation of Feng De. Vice general manager Lingxiang Xu however seizes the opportunity and wants to modernise Feng De into a western style bank. What will happen to Feng De? Some see reason where others see absurdity. The split between modernisers and conservatives strains the bonds friendship, in which tradition and revolution, logic and emotion, conflict interweaves and dashes. The rises and falls move even the heartless, leaving a strong after taste.

Ming Feng and Lingxiang Xu were childhood sweethearts, separated by the grandmother; fate married Ming Feng to Honghan Ma instead. Another victim of the Ma-Xu family alliance is the love affair of Changren and Yaoqin. Yaoqin waited for 6 years in a small single room flat for Changren to return from his studies abroad, only to discover he had found another love.

“Honour every statement, trust is our foundation.” Can the Ma family find a way out of this dead end? Family ties, friendship bonds, love, hate, wandering in the waves of emotion. Sharp minds of revolution at this time of life and death ask: ‘where is the way?’ The Feng De group screams for an answer!

The autumn winds blows, old leaves flies; Feng De is collapsing at the pinnacle of its wealth, not just one less smocking chimney in the dusk wind…..

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