Annual Play 2010

2008 Annual Play《Sunrise》

This year, CUCCS is proudly presenting another traditional masterpiece: Sunrise! Written by Cao Yu, this full-length drama tells of the corruption and luxury of the rich and the suffering of the poor in old China. The plot revolves around Chen Bailu, a high-class courtesan in old China in the 1930s.

This play offers a cross-section of real life in China in the 1930’s. Everyone portrayed in this section is well-presented, and each of them represents a distinctive character type from different social strata, from bankers to gangsters, from rich widows to actors, from scholars to prostitutes. This way of storytelling feels real, even today.

Ming Feng and Lingxiang Xu were childhood sweethearts, separated by the grandmother; fate married Ming Feng to Honghan Ma instead. Another victim of the Ma-Xu family alliance is the love affair of Changren and Yaoqin. Yaoqin waited for 6 years in a small single room flat for Changren to return from his studies abroad, only to discover he had found another love.

The play is going to be in Mandarin with English subtitles.

7:30pm, 16th – 19th February 2010, the Sun rises at the Auditorium Theatre, Robinson College Ticket price: Tuesday-Thursday £5 for members, £6 for non-members Friday £6 for members, £7 for non-members Tickets available from CCS committee members, bookings on and on the door.

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