CUCCS Lent Term Circular

Dear members,
  • CUCCS Wedding Formal
  • Annual General Meeting – Committee Election [updated version]
  • 2-Day Trip to Baths

1. CUCCS Wedding Formal
Here comes the first ever CCS Wedding Formal! We have booked limited seats in the lovely Jesus College for you to celebrate your engagement.
Date: 19/02/2014
Time: Please arrive before
Location: Jesus college
Places Available: 40 (20 pairs)
Dress code: Black tie (Gentleman) , Dress in white (Lady)
Price: £10 (£20 per pair)
CCS will provide a bottle of wine for every 4 people, and you are welcome to bring your own wine. Due to the limitation on the tickets available, 1st year couples will get the priority to get the tickets. You have to book the place as a pair, so remember to grab your “husband” or “wife” to come, surely you don’t want to be alone on your wedding.
First Come, First serve!
To sign up for the wedding formal please fill in the live form:
please send your payments to:
We will send you a confirmation email once we have received your payments.P.S. You need to be a CCS member to join this event as only CCS member can get married and have your own sweet CCS family. You need to sign up our membership list if you still haven’t done so.


2. Annual General Meeting – Committee Election [updated version]

It is the time of the year when we pass on our fun duties to the next committee. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in early March. If you have enjoyed our events and activities throughout the year, then do not miss the opportunity to organise them yourself! As always, we are looking for motivated individuals to carry on achieving brilliance.

Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, IT Officer, Entertainments Officer, Sports Officer, Sponsorship Officer, Magazine Chief Editor, Play Producer and Publicity Officer. Details of the responsibilities of each position and the contacts of current officers are attached.
You can have a second choice if you apply for the President or the Vice President
i.e. If you are unsuccessful in your bid to run for president, you will still be able to join the election for your second choice position on the committee

To apply, you need to submit a manifesto which is

– in English

– within one A4 page

and must include, but not limited to

– a photo

– name

– college

– subject

– applying position

– reasons for applying

– plans if elected


This year, we will introduce the nomination system to the election process. The system will provide an equal platform to all candidates such that popularity among fellow students is only one of the determining factors to win a position. Rules are as follows:

1. There are two types of nominations – ‘special nomination’ and ‘nomination’;

2. Every candidate needs two nominations, regardless of the type, in order to participate in the election;

3. Every current committee member can only grant one ‘special nomination’ to one candidate applying to his/her current position (e.g. the current Publicity Officer can give one ‘special nomination’ to one candidate contending for Publicity Officer);

4. Every current committee member can grant an unlimited number of ‘nominations’;

5. Any nomination should be granted objectively. At least one face-to-face meeting between a current committee member and a candidate is required before a decision can be made. The decision should be based on careful considerations of the ability and the quality of manifesto of each candidate.

Please send your manifesto to

Deadline for submitting manifesto: 20/02/2014

Deadline for confirming nominations: the day before AGM.

Hope to see many of you applying to proudly become a member of the CUCCS Committee 2014-15.


CUCCS Committee 2013-14

3. 2-Day Trip to Bath
Date: 22 – 23 Feb
Price: £170 per person
For more details of the trip please see the attachment.
Best wishes,