CUCCS Lent Term Newsletter 2

Dear members,
  • CUCCS Wedding Formal
  • Annual General Meeting – Committee Election
  • 三国杀大赛,80分大赛,台球打擂台强势来袭!
  • Cambridge China Next Forum
  • 2014 CUCCS Cambridge English Summer Camp in China
  • W.T.H. – Welcome The Horse @ Lola Lo
  • CareerDream
1. CUCCS Wedding Formal
Here comes the first ever CCS Wedding Formal! We have booked limited seats in the lovely Jesus College for you to celebrate your engagement.
Date: 19 Feb 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m.
*Please arrive promptly at 7:00 p.m.
*If you are late, you will not be guaranteed to sit with your friends or wife/husband.
Location: Jesus college
Places Available: 40 (20 pairs)
Dress code:
Black tie (Gentleman)
Dress in white (Lady)
Price: £10 (£20 per pair)
CCS will provide a bottle of wine for every 4 people, and you are welcome to bring your own wine. Due to the limitation on the tickets available, 1st year couples will get the priority to get the tickets. You have to book the place as a pair, so remember to grab your “husband” or “wife” to come, surely you don’t want to be alone on your wedding.
First Come, First serve!
To sign up and buy the wedding formal tickets please fill in the live form: ttps://
We will send you a confirmation email once we have received your payments.P.S. You need to be a CCS member to join this event as only CCS member can get married and have your own sweet CCS family. You need to sign up our membership list if you still haven’t done so.
2. Annual General Meeting – Committee Election

It is the time of the year when we pass on our fun duties to the next committee. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in early March. If you have enjoyed our events and activities throughout the year, then do not miss the opportunity to organise them yourself! As always, we are looking for motivated individuals to carry on achieving brilliance.

Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, IT Officer, Entertainments Officer, Sports Officer, Sponsorship Officer, Magazine Chief Editor, Play Producer and Publicity Officer. Details of the responsibilities of each position and the contacts of current officers are attached.

To apply, you need to submit a manifesto which is

– in English

– within one A4 page

and must include, but not limited to

– a photo

– name

– college

– subject

– applying position

– reasons for applying

– plans if elected


This year, we will introduce the nomination system to the election process. The system will provide an equal platform to all candidates such that popularity among fellow students is only one of the determining factors to win a position. Rules are as follows:

1. There are two types of nominations – ‘special nomination’ and ‘nomination’;

2. Every candidate needs two nominations, regardless of the type, in order to participate in the election;

3. Every current committee member can only grant one ‘special nomination’ to one candidate applying to his/her current position (e.g. the current Publicity Officer can give one ‘special nomination’ to one candidate contending for Publicity Officer);

4. Every current committee member can grant an unlimited number of ‘nominations’;

5. Any nomination should be granted objectively. At least one face-to-face meeting between a current committee member and a candidate is required before a decision can be made. The decision should be based on careful considerations of the ability and the quality of manifesto of each candidate.

Please send your manifesto to

Deadline for submitting manifesto: 20/02/2014

Deadline for confirming nominations: the day before AGM.

Hope to see many of you applying to proudly become a member of the CUCCS Committee 2014-15.


CUCCS Committee 2013-14


3. 三国杀大赛,80分大赛,台球打擂台强势来袭!
Due to popular demand from our members, we are now launching a league table for each of these activities! To kick start this exciting process, we will host a session for each activity to establish an initial ranking for players that attended. Afterwards, their contacts and rankings will be published so that anyone could contact them directly to challenge them. After every challenge, the ranking will be updated by us. This will be an unique opportunity to 三国杀, 80分 and pool fans to compete and communicate.
Date will be around 22 or 23 Feb,
Time and Place: TBC
More details of the activities will be out soon.
4. Cambridge China Next Forum
尹一丁:毕业于美国南加州大学, 美国市场学会会员,。现任教于英国剑桥大学Judge Business School, 博士生导师,高级讲师,圣埃德蒙学院院士,终身荣誉教职,香港大学客座教授, 主要研究和教学领域为中国企业的战略创新,市场策略, 高科技市场分析和网络市场学
吴冲:吴冲,1969年生,“真爱梦想基金会”创始人,秘书长,执委会委员。曾任国泰君安证券收购兼并部总经理,兴安证券副总裁,CHARDAN CAPITAL LLC董事总经理。
All welcome!
时间地点:2月9日 12:00 工程系 LT0

5. 2014 CUCCS Cambridge English Summer Camp in China

A fully funded volunteering English teaching program in China this summer!

Interested in teaching children and Chinese culture? Want to do something different and visit China? CUCCS Cambridge English Summer Camp has been successfully hosted for five years. It brings enthusiastic and talented Cambridge students together to inspire and teach Chinese students. Your help will have a great impact on students in China and allow you to share your talents with others, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

Here’s an opportunity for a FULLY FUNDED placement (including flights, accommodation and meals) in Beijing and Shijiangzhuang/Zhongshan this summer!


-Organizer: The Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society (CUCCS)

-Dates: from 10th July to 20th August 2014 (including 32 teaching days and 8 non-teaching days). *exact dates are subject to change

-Location: Camford Royal School in Beijing/Shijiazhuang/Zhongshan (you’ll be allocated to either Beijing/Shijiangzhuang camp or Zhongshan camp)

-Roles: Teaching English to students age from 8-18 in a summer camp (no previous teaching experience or qualifications are necessary)


Free return flights (maximum reimbursement 600 pounds), accommodation and meals

An extra 2,000RMB pocket allowance

Regular Chinese culture classes offered by the school

Guided sightseeing tours for you to explore China

It will be a highlight on your CV as well as an experience which you will carry with you for a lifetime.

Native English speakers are preferred.

Deadline for application is Mar 3rd.

Interviews will be held near the end of easter term.


Email if you have any questions.

P.S. You DO NOT need to have any teaching qualifications or knowledge of Mandarin to volunteer.

To apply, please fill in an application form at:

6. W.T.H. – Welcome The Horse @ Lola Lo

Adventurous Proudly Presents:

♞♞ W.T.H. – Welcome The Horse ♞♞


Had a good year of the snake? Well what better to begin your celebrations of the new year at the biggest and most extravagant CNY party in town at Lola Lo, Cambridge!

We guarantee a night of amazing fun and plenty of surprises for you that’ll make this an incredibly memorable night. Tickets are limited so get yours as soon as possible from your hosts below!!


Event Details:

Location: Lola Lo, Cambridge (1st floor exclusive only to W.T.H. ticket holders)

Date: Feb 7, 2014

Time: 10:30 – 03:00

Dress code: Dress to impress

Tickets: £7

Large tables £180: ♞ 10 VIP tickets ♞ Queue jump ♞ Complimentary bottle of CNY Belvedere RED (costs £120 at Lola Lo)

Regular tables £120 : ♞ 6 VIP tickets ♞ Queue jump ♞ Complimentary bottle of CNY Belvedere RED (costs £120 at Lola Lo)

Remaining tables are extremely limited so please contact your host as soon as possible to secure yours! And please purchase your tickets in advance as the sale of W.T.H. door tickets are strictly prohibited.

N.B. Please note that all ticket holders must bring their IDs for club entry and that no torn jeans, sandals, or flipflops will be allowed.



Adventurous Danny Wang ✆ 07763848813


HK Fusion Jason Wong ✆ 07947355761

Cambridge University Chinese Society Vincent Ko ✆ 07526930969 Pearson Poon ✆ 07723808888

Collaborating universities/societies/schools:

CU Chinese Cultural Society Christina Ye ✆ 07445225217

ABACUS Cambridge Vincent Cheung ✆ 07585091492

CSSA-CAM Effie Meow ✆ 07761494219

Anglia Ruskin University Kay ✆ 07512250096

Cats College Ethan ✆ 07447158877 Jas ✆ 07859990010

Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Art Poca ✆ 07453654085

Bellerbys College, Cambridge Panda ✆ 07925454863

St Andrews College Grace ✆ 07450573635

Cambridge Regional College Paul ✆ 07557097720



7. CareerDream
CareerDream is a career training platform established in Hong Kong by a group of professionals working for top companies in investment banks and consulting firms, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey. CareerDream can offer the most exclusive resources by leveraging on its network of professionals. Furthermore, CareerDream is a professional platform to communicate with the senior people in the industry, to extend your network, and to increase your competitiveness.

In the summer of 2014, CareerDream will proudly launch the Global Investment Banking Elite Training Program in Hong Kong and London, the details are as below:

During 7 days in Hong Kong (or 14 days in London), you will find yourself meeting a great number of elite investment bankers in a global financial centers, Hong Kong or London. You could learn from the elites about the latest financial market and career trends and their practical application experiences and skills. They could also help you to build your own long term career plan. CareerDream and the Training Program will unleash your potential and help you to make a great leap ahead of your peers on career development.

– Lectures taught by the professionals from top investment banks

Covering fundamentals including stocks, derivatives, FX, futures, hedge funds and company valuation

– Company valuation and foreign exchange trading competition

Guided by star traders and analysts from investment banks

– One-to-one career advising and planning

Accompanied by CV workshop and mock interviews, which are all customized solutions for the students delivered by the investment bankers

– Dinner with professionals from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs

Allowing students to truly interact with senior bankers in person, gradually learning how to build up their own professional network

– Insight trips to top financial institutions

Where students to experience the excitement and volatility of the global financial markets with their own eyes

– Reference letter from investment banks seniors

Exclusively for the top performed student

This summer, please join CareerDream and the Training Program to realize your career dream!

Hong Kong Program: July 11 – July 17, 2014; London Program: July 20, 2014 – Aug 2, 2014

For any queries, please email Please kindly refer to the attachments for details of the programs

Best Wishes,


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