Freshers’ Formal, 2012

Freshers’ Formal on 15th OCT(CCS新生formal强势来袭!)
Date: 15th Oct
Time: 1920 (Note that the door will be closed after 1925. Please arrive promptly, or come early for pre-drinks at the college bar)
Venue: Peterhouse College
Price: £10 for member, £12 for non-member

Everyone is welcome to the freshers’ formal, whether you are a fresher or not. However, freshers will have priorities in the case of short of spaces.

The price of the freshers’ formal is £10 for member, £12 for non-member. Please fill in the form to book the formal in advance! The deadline of payment is Saturday (13th) midnight.

After money wired into the CCS bank account, you will receive a notification from us. You are then registered for the formal, with a warm welcome! If you have any queries about booking the formal, e.g. swapping your place with someone else, please email Jin Dai, at



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