Michaelmas Term Newsletter 4/ 2013

Dear Members,
  • CCS Singles’ Formal
  • CCS 2013 Scintillate Round 1 Online Voting
  • 话中人 Profiles in Converse

1. CCS Singles’ Formal
Still single? Or for freshers, still haven’t found your CCS wife yet? 
Let’s all celebrate the Chinese Singles’ Day together this year at St. John’s College. Remember to grab the girl(s)/guy(s) you “fancy” to come! 
This year you will be asked to answer few questions on the application form (optional) to help us allocate you with the right person as your date for the night. You will receive the mobile number of your date for that night on this Friday through email. So the deadline for application is this Friday 8th Nov. 2013. Feel free to contact each other and found out who this mysterious person is!
CCS will provide you with all the alcohols as subsidises. You are allowed to do any kind of penny at St. John’s, so get yourself ready!
Time: 19:00 (please be there on time)
Date: 11 Nov. 2013
Venue: St. John’s College Formal Hall
Dress Code: Gown (compulsory)
Member: £12
Non-member: £14
There are limited place available so First Come, First Serve.
If you want to join this romantic and exciting event, please fill in the live form below:
Please transfer you payment through the link: cuccstickets.webs.com
Please put sf+(your hermes) as your reference.
You can also choose to pay to one of our committee members.
We will send you a confirmation letter once we have received your payment.
Hope to see you all soon in the formal!
2. CCS 2013 Scintillate Round 1 Online Voting
Thanks for those who came to the CCS Scintillate Audition. We had recorded loads of amazing songs.
Here is the link of all the contestants’ records:

We have put all the entries into 7 divisions (A-G) by genre. Please choose your favourite entry (only one) from each division and vote on our official website: http://www.srcf.ucam.org/cuccs/
You need your Raven Login/WP Login to do this.
The total length of all the entries is about 2 hours. We suggest you enjoying 1 division each time and vote for the best. You can save the rest of the divisions for later. The entry with the most votes from each division will enter into the final round. We will also consider 1~3 of the second top entries from each division to put it into the final round. Let’s find the Best voice in Cambridge!
The poll will be closed at 23:59, 8th Nov 2013. Please remember to submit your votes before the deadline to support your favourite singers. 
Our final round will be held on Friday 22nd Nov at Robison College this year. Make your schedule free on that day and come with your friends to join this spectacular singing event! Definitely going to be an unforgettable night!
3. 话中人 Profiles in Converse
题目:【话中人】第四期 实习申请季(上) 解密英国的金融、工程、科研类暑期实习及申请的历程与感悟
介绍:[话中人] (Profiles in Converse)是由斯坦福大学学生发起的,留学生创办的公益性多媒体电子杂志,成员遍布世界各地。话中人剑桥分部(剑桥话中人)开创了视频媒体平台,录制访谈现场。


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