Week 5 Newsletter

Dear CCS Members,

Please find in this week’s newsletter information about:

1) Final call for manifestos, deadline extended to Feb 23rd

2) AGM and Election

3) Annual Dinner final reminders


1) ———————Final call for manifestos———————-

After careful consideration and assessment of the candidates list by the current committee, we have decided to extend the DEADLINE of applications to ALL POSITIONS UNTIL next Thursday. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of positions (including publicity, ents, sports, IT, and sponsorship officers) still remain uncontested. We believe that the level of competition is not quite enough and it is always in the interest of our members to have more options.

Please submit your manifesto to Mengqing Zou at mz294@cam.ac.uk by 24:00 Thursday, 23rd Feb. (no longer than one A4 page).

Any submission beyond that date will be disqualified, even if you have expressed your interest to our committee members in person.

On next Friday we will send another email with all candidates’ manifestos attached as well as the final details about our AGM.

2)—————————-AGM and Election—————————-

Time: 12:00 – 16:00, Saturday, 25th Feb.

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College.

Notice for the candidates:

1. This year, we allow the President and Vice-President candidates to have a second choice for other positions. Please do indicate your second choice on your manifesto. The above two positions will be voted first (separated from other positions), and whoever fail can run for a second committee position of their choice in the next round of voting.

2. English speech is required for President, Vice-President and Publicity Officer candidates. For President and Vice-President candidates, the speech is 5 minutes long; for all other positions, each candidate is given 3 minutes for his/her speech.

3. Q&A session will be carried out after speeches for each position.

3)——————————Annual Dinner——————————

Our annual dinner is now fully booked. Thanks to all the people who have shown interests in this event.

Just three important things to note here:

1) This is a black-tie event.

2) Do NOT bring wine yourself, unless you are willing to pay a corkage fee of £13. Additional wine can be purchased at the dinner.

3) Please arrive at King’s College by 7pm and ask for the Beves Room.

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight.

Shuchan Qi
CUCCS President
Trinity College


Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society, usually referred to as CCS, is one of the biggest non-profit organizations run by Chinese students in the University of Cambridge.

Founded in 1998 by a group of enthusiastic Chinese undergraduates, CCS aims to enhance the influence of Chinese culture in Cambridge. Since its founding, CCS has grown tremendously into a society with over 800 members, consisting of students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and UK. The society regularly organizes a great variety of fun-filled and meaningful events, which not only enriches the university life, but also strengthens the bonds between our members. Furthermore, these activities also unfold the rich and fascinating Chinese culture to other students in Cambridge.

The first annual play <> (<<雷雨>>) struck Cambridge in 2003. The response was overwhelming – Each year, tens of thousands of audiences, including both University students and local residents, are attracted by the annual play. Also in the same year, CCS launched the production of the semester magazine, <> (<<言吾言>>), which is written by talented student writers. The magazine reaches every single member free of charge, and has since become the most influential in the local Chinese community. Apart from these, a range of sports matches against other societies are also organized each year to encourage CCS members to integrate into the University community. CCS also operates Mandarin lessons, and organizes various events such as garden parties, formals and theme park trips etc. to entertain our members.

Today CCS is widely acclaimed by students around Cambridge and it has been continued year after year by the committee members elected in the Annual General Meeting. And it is our members’ support that makes CCS becoming a more integrated, fun, well-organized society. Thank you!

News Letter 06/02/2011

Dear All,

Happy Chinese New Year! This is a reminder that the CCS Annual Dinner and AGM will be held soon in the week after next. Those are going to be the last two major events organized by the current committeee, so please show your enthusiasm and support!

For those of you who are thinking of running for a position in the CCS Committee next year, it is definitely in your interest to come to the annual dinner as it gives you the chance of talking to the current comittee members and showing your commitment to the society. Remember to bring along your best friends to support you!

———–CCS Annual Dinner(Lantern Festival 元宵节 formal)————-

Name: CCS Annual Dinner(Lantern Festival 元宵节 formal)
Date: 17th Feb, 元宵节
Location: Robinson college
Price: 21 for member/24 for non member
Dress Code: Black tie preferably
Wine policy: Negotiating with Robinson college.

Why come? 1 If you think the celebration for Chinese new year is not enough, then please come and celebrate Lantern Festival (元宵节) with us all together! What would be better than many people group together to celebrate the important festival? 2 This is a private dining event which means there will be *ONLY CCS* guests in the hall that day. Imagine a hall full of your friends ONLY and being served. CCS ONLY FORMAL. Hmm, feeling privileged? 3 To those who have not been to Robinson college before, I strongly suggest you to come. Not only because it is a lovely college with their beautiful garden, but they have reputation of HIGH QUALITY FOOD. I guess most people will not come to Robinson often since it is not in city centre. So don’t miss the chance! 4 This would be the last few events organized by this committee and certainly last event organized by me. So I want to see you all there. I bet all the committee would feel the same!! 5 The annual dinner is the official pre-election event for annual general meeting which is when the election happens on 19th Feb. To those who are running for next year committee positions, I can guarantee that you will have disadvantage to those who come if you can’t make it. My advice for them: bring/buy enough wine and be prepared for frequently making drink toss (敬酒). 6 Wine will be included hopefully. Quantities are not yet decided. Possibly 2 glasses each or a shared bottle between several people.

As I listed so many reasons(my fingers hurt now..), join us if you are free that night.

Payment method: Online Transfer: Name: Mr Boruo Xu Sort Code: 77-14-05 Account No: 16014368 As usual, after wiring the money please send me(xb209) an email with your Full NAME, CrsID, Membership status, Number of tickets purchasing and special dietary requirement. I will confirm with you once I receive the money AND the email. For any further enquires, please contact me on email or text(07881902502).

Last Ents love,

—————-CCS AGM—————

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Week 5 of Lent Term (Saturday, 19th February). During the AGM, the current committee will be delivering a short presentation to review this year’s progress and answer any potential

questions you may have. It’s promised to be a very emotional and exciting moment as the new committee will be elected immediately after this, on whom the future course of the society depends upon.

For those of you who would like to run for the 2011-12 committee, please submit your manifestos to Jenny Shen at js840@cam.ac.uk by 12am, 17th Feb (evening of 16th Feb).

The positions opened are:

President – (xx771)

Vice President – (ssh32)

Secretary – (js840)

Treasurer – (hz265)

Publicity Officer – (km520)

Ents Officer – (xb209)

Sports Officer – (yd231)

Magazine Editor – (bg286)

Play Producer -(jd498)

IT Officer – (dw357)

Sponsorship Officer -(yz343)

The email addresses of current committee members correspoding to each position are given in brackets. If you have any questions regarding to a particular postion, please do not hesitate to contact the relevent person and we are happy give you more detailed information about what we are doing on a day-to-day basis.

At the AGM, candidates will be each delivering a speech, which should last no more than 5 minutes for Presidential Candidates and no more than 3 minutes for all other candidates. Please note that candidates running for President, Vice President and Publicity officer are kindly asked to deliver at least 4/2 minutes of their 5/3-minute speeches in English. There will be a Q&A session for each position after all candidates running for it have spoken. All questions from the floor are directed to all the candidates running for that particular position. All CCS members are eligible to run and/or vote. Positions are elected by first-past-the-post voting.

The deadline for manifesto submission is 16th of February. However,it is always an advantage to do it early to show commitment to the society. So get keen and act ASAP if you interested!!

SUBJECT:AIESEC International Internships

Are you thinking of a summer internship abroad? Or maybe graduate
opportunities on a different continent?

Come and find out what opportunities AIESEC Cambridge can offer at our
presentation: Wednesday 2nd February 5.30pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College.

AIESEC offers students and recent graduates placements in development,
management, teaching, and technical fields in over 110 different countries.
Placements for 8 weeks to 18 months.

Not convinced?? watch this:

Hope to see you at the presentation!

AIESEC Cambridge


That is the end of this week’s newsletter. Robinson Hall is a lovely place. I look forward to seeing a lot of you guys down there!

Keren Ma
(CUCCS Publicity)

Magazine Introduction

2003年创办的言吾言杂志是CCS社团最美丽的文化瑰宝之一,并得到了金庸先生亲笔题名。所有CCS的社员每学期都会翘首期待得到这本免费的杂志,因为杂志汇聚了所有剑桥人的想法和思想,并凝聚了杂志主编和小编们的辛苦和心血。在这本杂志里,你会看到在各大投行工作或实习的剑桥人对于经济经融的看法和观点,也能看到所有文艺爱好者对于青春,对于生活的畅想和感叹。在这里,你还能够看到剑桥学生们忙绿又充实的生活小细节,可以看到他们穿梭在各种活动忙碌的身影。言吾言就是剑桥生活的缩图,通过作者们敏锐又犀利的感悟,在纸上和大家一起分享剑桥人的成长,感受剑桥人的蜕变。 在言吾言迈入第8个年头之际,新的杂志主编致力于杂志的革新并立志将言吾言杂志变为一本有声杂志。我们的目标是让所有的社员们在能够欣赏杂志中的美文的同时,也可以倾听由剑桥同学们自己录制的音乐合辑。今年的杂志必将再次为所有的剑桥学者们带来一份意外的惊喜。