Lent Week 8, 2012

Dear CCS members,

Firstly, a warm thank you from the committee to all those who supported us at the Annual Play! Let us once again applaud our talented actors, actresses, stage crew, and everyone else who contributed to this production.
From now on, a newsletter will be sent weekly, covering upcoming news, events, and any promotions from our colleagues or third-parties. Feel free to email me or the original distributor for any questions.
Contents for this week:
  • – CUCOS Committee Recruitment March 10, Saturday
  • Investment banking Internship information from Beyond Career
  • Beyond Career Consultancy presentation March 9, Friday
  • A message from a former Economics student at Cambridge, offering advice and help to students.
  • 剑桥大学中文杂志《言吾言》招募启事 – Cambridge CCS Chinese Language Magazine recruitment
We hope you find this information useful. Have a great week 8!
Sichen Liu, Publicity Officer of CUCCS
CUCOS Committee Recruitment
Dear All,
I hope that you have enjoyed our annual concert, Eastern Rhapsody. CUCOS is opening application for next year’s committee! We are calling for people who share the same passion for Chinese music and who would like to promote its beauty in Cambridge and the UK! Please have a look at the descriptions of the roles, and submit your application before 11pm Saturday, 10th March. Interviews will be held in the following week.
Please click the link below to apply:
We look forward to meeting you soon!
Best regards,
CUCOS Committee 2011-2012
CUCOS Job Description: President:
-Organize and chair committee meetings
-Overall management of the society (key decision maker)
-In charge of checking progress of the whole team (ensure deadlines are met)
Vice President: -Management of cash flow, bank account, assets and other financially related issues -Draft meeting minutes and annual reports -In charge of ticketing
Head of CID/WID:
-Recruitment of musicians, conductors
-Selection of scores
-Communication with the rest of committee in preparation for the concert
-Communication with musicians
-General organisation of the concert
Deputy Head of CID/WID:
-Organise weekly rehearsals
-In charge of scores (translating, photocopying, filing)
-In charge of musician welfare (cakes, drinks in rehearsal)
-General assistance to Head of CID/WID
Head of Publicity:
-General management of the publicity team
-Email communication with colleges, departments and other societies
-In charge of distributing posters and flyers
-Maintain Renren and Facebook publicity (photos, blogs)
Publicity (design):
-Design and print stash and flyers for freshers’ fair
-Design and print posters, banner, program list and flyers for concert
-Maintain website
Publicity (external):
-Source sponsorship
-Maintain existing relationships and networks -In charge of cooperation with other societies
Head of Logistics:
-General management of the logistic team
-In charge of transportation of instruments before and after rehearsals
-Room (freshers’ fair, rehearsal rooms, concert hall, storage) booking
-General logistic management for the concert
-Recruit logistic helpers
Logistic Officer (x2)
-Distribution of scores
-Transportation of instruments before and after rehearsals
-General assistance to head of logistics
-General assistance in ticketing
Dear all,


Hope you’ve all had a good week. Here is a quick round-up of the latest vacancies of the all major investment banks and Big4s:


Full Time Positions:


All UK Big4s are still open for 2012 intakes – In fact, a couple of them still have quite many vacancies left! So if you have not yet applied them, apply them now! For PwC, it says on their site that if you have been rejected before, you can re-apply after 3 months.


Apply our ‘Breakingintobig4’ programme now to maximise your chance and enjoy a 15% discount before end of March! Our latest offer this week is R Hao from Warwick University who has recently secured an graduate offer from Deloitte London.


Internship Positions:


I-banks (Greater China): Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, HSBC & Barclays Capital all  still have vacancies for 2012 summer internship! So why still waiting if you want to gain some working experience in China during the summer?


Apply our ‘Total Internship Application Programme’ now to take advantage of these remaining opportunities. Should you not be successful, however, you will still get a fast track to our full time ‘No Win, No Fee’*iWantYourJob! programme for application starting this summer (for 2013!). Our latest offer this week is Derek Gao from Cambridge, see his latest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbXjKddyF8s
*Terms and conditions apply.
How to apply:
To apply our programmes, you need to register on our website first and then apply online directly:


I look forward to receiving your application forms soon.


Best wishes,


Edmond Q. Yu





– The journey to your dream offer starts here.


London Canada Water Training Centre
Unit 31, City Business Centre, Lower Road | London UK | SE16 2XB
London Liverpool Street Head Office

Longcroft House, 2/8 Victoria Avenue | London | EC2M 4NS
T: +44 (0)203 206 1480 | M: +44 (0) 788 261 9630
E: edmond.yu@breakingintobig4.comW: www.breakingintobig4.com

Company Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 07898809.

Beyond Career Consulting Presentation: How international students could secure top jobs in the UK/China?
Are you intimidated by the complicated job application process?
Are you wondering about how to perform well at interviews and assessment centres?
Are you curious about how to grab the best opportunities under new visa scheme?
If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, then why not joining Beyond Career
s presentation on Friday, 9th March to find out the answers?
Imagine how wonderful it will be to secure a dream offer from one of the most prestigious accountancy firms or Investment Banks.
Join us on Friday 9thMarch (7:30pm -9:30pm) at Bateman Auditorium Room, Gonville and Caius College. The presentation will cover:
The overview job market in the UK and China.
How to perform well at interviews and assessment centres?
How to secure the top jobs in the UK (A successful example from securing a graduate offer from Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London).


For registration, please send an email to jonny.liu@breakingintobig4.com with subject title “Application for Beyond Presentation at Cambridge“. Within the email, please also list your name, your major and which year you are studying.
As this is a very popular event among international students, we have limited places available and is operated on first come first serve basis, we strongly encourage you to register asap to avoid disappointment.
Any questions, please contact jonny.liu@breakingintobig4.com
About Beyond Career Company Ltd (BCC)
BCC provides all overseas students in the UK with extensive career related training services. Its star training programmes: Breakingintobig4 and iWantYourJob! programmes (No Win No Fee) and Total Internship Programme, have helped hundreds of international students (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial etc) to secure UK top offers, check out our website: www.breakingintobig4.com
A message from a former Economics student at Cambridge, about trading and job opportunities. Please email cathy.xu427@gmail.com for more information.

My name is Puzhong, I studied in Economics in Cambridge between 2004 to 2007. When I was there, I began to develop some interests in trading, especially those related to macro economics.  I read a few books about trading, had some thoughts but in general had little clue of what I should be doing and didn’t find what I learnt in economics quite useful when it came to trading. It is not until I fortunately got a job in interest rate trading after graduation I began to have a more systematic view on the so called “global macro trading”.  (It is of course not to say the education we received in Cambridge is not good and I find those who did internship programmes in the firm I work such as Cathy and Yichen had much better idea of what is going on then I did.)

Anyway, if you are interested in global macro trading as I did in my university years, I am happy to offer some help so that you hopefully can have an easier path than I did. Given my personal view that there is much more than one way of becoming a good trader, the help will be more in the forms of asking you questions and letting you find your own answer rather than telling you what to do. (sorry, you still have to work)

What I do require from you is most importantly the interests in trading. I know it is being mentioned by every companies who are recruiting and you might think it is just an empty saying, but I seriously think one should not do something she/he is not interested in. It will be a nightmare late on and it is not very easy to wake up from it. (my general career advice is to do something you would like to do for free)  I would also like to see a reasonable understanding of macro economics (you don’t have to be studying economics, but please do your homework.) This is not to say economics is required to become a trader, there are certainly ways to trade without the need to understand economics at all, but unfortunately, that is not something I can help much on.

I am planning to take one to three people every year. If you are interested, please send me your CV, something to convince me you have the interests in trading and  your favourite trade idea at the moment.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


如果你认同这样的定位,并对杂志制作有兴趣,请加入我们的团队! 《言吾言》杂志是一个培养洞察力、提升写作能力、展示多方面才华的绝佳平台。无论你想做记者,编辑,评论员,还是插画师,你都将在这里找到不一样的体验!
  • 撰稿人(含记者,评论员等):加入《言吾言》杂志的mailing list之后,将会收到各版块主编的文章征集邮件。如果看到感兴趣的题材,可以联系版块主编,确定文章内容,并在截止日期前完成写作。
申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添(tz246@cam.ac.uk),即可加入mailing list成为撰稿人。
  • 摄影师: 工作形式同撰稿人。加入《言吾言》编辑的mailing list之后,将会收到各版块主编的照片征集邮件。如果看到感兴趣的题材,可以联系版块主编,发送照片。
申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添 tz246@cam.ac.uk 即可。
  • 版块主编: 通过《言吾言》杂志的mailing list提供想法、题材,与写稿人沟通交流,并负责修改润色文章。
1. 基本信息(姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱):
2. 感兴趣的版块(可多选):(见下方版块主编招募情况)
3. 如果你成为版块主编,你将会采编哪些内容?(请举出2-3个/感兴趣的版块)
  • 美术编辑 – 负责杂志整体的设计工作.
申请要求:熟悉photoshop应用,或有兴趣在今年暑假学习photoshop。请发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至 tz246@cam.ac.uk
  • 网络编辑 – 负责管理《言吾言》杂志的博客、微薄、校内主页等网络平台。
申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添 tz246@cam.ac.uk
  • 小编 – 协助版块主编寻找题材、修改文章。
申请要求:发送姓名、学院、学科、年级、常用邮箱至仲添 tz246@cam.ac.uk
版块主编招募情况: (请尽快申请,有合适的人选之后将不再接受报名)
-国际新闻(以英国为重点)1-2名主编 (其中1名由顾吉特担任,接受报名)
读书版:评论、推荐新书好书。 (由吴心怡担任,暂不公开招募)
仲 添


CCS Marriage List 2012


Husband Wife
Name College Name College
Qichen Xu Downing Xinyi Hu Churchill
Dai Jin Peterhouse Sining Wang ME
Qikun Liu Pembroke Bixi Wang Churchill
Kaichen Gu Trinity Yin Lin Newnham
Liyun Ju Clare Anqi Huang Pembroke
Rongsen Xie Peterhouse Sifan Sun Queens
Yu Hu Churchill Jingyi Liu ME
Tian Jin Queens Haiwen Zhang Caius
Jiawei Zhu Homerton Meichun Li TH
Zhuocong Xiao Magdalene Xiang Gu Fitzwilliam
Tianhan Pan Magdalene Beijia Ye Magdalene
Chengzhang Quan Robinson Yuanjia Yin Homerton
Lan Xiao Wolfson Yijin Wang Churchill
Yuanjie Chen Homerton Dan Zhao Wolfson
Zhe Jiang Peterhouse Mengyue Guo Peterhouse
Furen Zhuang Fitz Xue Wang St Catz
Chung Lao Churchill SeeTian Feng newnham
Shenglong Guo TH Elisabetta Jiang M. Edwards
Kirby Lam St Catz Harriet Dickinson Mad
Wenting Hu Yuzhou Lu Emmanuel
Yuewei Yang Homerton Ange Zhou Mad
Tianfang Liu Homerton Yihan Xu Newnham
Matthew Zhao Trinity Helena Laughton Kings
Yan Han Sdiney Sussex Charly Hensman Robinson
Lubin Chen Jesus Ruby Rui Lucy
Benedict Plowden Clare Pam Charoen-Rajapark Pembroke
Logan Sun Clare Zeyun Yang Sel
Tangzhuo Su Yuping Duan Queens
Yutian Wu Trinity Tianqi Wang Trinity
Feifan Chen Downing Mengyi Zhou Magd
Gengjing Zhao Girton Lily Bai Darwin
Chen Ke Wolfson Sweet Ellie Chur
Liujun Duan wolf Lishuang Shi St Edmund’s
Yang Ju Selwyn Ning Xiao
Yanlong Choo Girton Clara Marquardt Emmanuel
Danny Wang Clare Yui Matsuda Homerton
Freddie Green Chil Kirsten Chaplin Robinson
Cheng Xie Sidney Georgia Sullivan Kings
Ben Sun Magdalene Nude Lee Churchill
Jiasheng Chen Trinity Xiangxi Jing Homerton
Xu Ke St Edmund Zhongyu Ren St Catz
Moquan Wan Johns Yawen Yin Queens
Shee Ern Ng Queens Shuaizhen Zhang New
Tiannan Hao Girton Yue Yu
Quintus Liu Pembroke Xueying Zheng Sidney
Weichen Zhang wolf Weite Gu Newnham
Zhenqiang Lin Churchill Yan Qin Caius


[Moment of The Year] online competition results

Dear all,

After several days’ voting on 50 works, here comes the final result:

First Place(tied):

Some say she looks like Nai Cha Mei Mei, don’t you think so?—Taken from CCS annual play

Technical details: 

Focal length: 50mm


Shutter speed:1/125s

Iso: 1600

–Bono Xu


–Jim Tang

Second Place(tied):

Zhu Tai Da Shen and Xuemeis

–Kelvin Xu


–Bono Xu

Third Place(tied):

Camera Model: Nikon D90

Focal Length: 20mm

ISO: 200

Aperture: f/3.5

Shutter Speed: 1/4000 s


CUCOS Concert

–Jim Tang

First prize: Bono Xu and Jim Tang

Second prize: Kelvin Xu

Third prize: Jun Jiang

Thanks every one for participating!

CCS Committee

– CCS’s first online competition 开始了!!!!!

Dear all,

Hope the vacation has been amazing so far :).

CCS is launching the first online event <Moment of the year> with the hope of adding some flavour to our Easter revision xD. We wish to draw every one’s attention to go back through the year and reminisce, find a photo that excites you/ touches you… the most.  =). It could be CCS related or it could be simply a snapshot of your Cambridge life. Share the moment with our big family! 🙂


To participate, you need:

  1. An original photo taken by you from 01/01/2011 till the date you summited, in JPEG format
  2. Your full name, college, year of study and subject
  3. Technical details e.g. camera model, ISO, shutter speed, etc. (optional)


Please send your works (normally no more than 5) to Yu Hu at yh324@cam.ac.uk.

Deadline of submitting your work:

12:00:00, 12/04/2012


To vote:

We will publish all the works on a rolling basis anonymously and welcome the public to vote and base our judgement on the number of ‘likes’ each photo receives 🙂 (which means that early birds will have the advantage!!)

Link to vote:


Deadline of casting your vote:

12:00:00, 17/04/2012


Winners will be awarded:

1st place: Photo frame

2nd place: Garden party ticket

3rd place: Camera cleaning kit



Sample work:

The picture below was Zhu Tai Da Shen watching Scintillate xD


Yu Hu

Churchill College

1st year economist



Hope to see all of your masterpieces!

Best wishes,

CCS Committee

CUCCS Annual Play 2012

Dear All

Getting really tired with your stressed studying life at Cambridge? Come along to watch the long-expected CCS annual play and support our splendid show.

As a signature event of Chinese Cultural Society, this year’s annual play will be based on Stan Lai’s (赖声川) work: Me & Me VS He & Him – 我和我和他和他

The play trailer can be watched by clicking the following link:


Details of the play are as follow

Date: Tuesday, 6th March, 7pm -10 pm
Wednesday, 7th March, 7pm -10 pm
Thursday, 8th March, 7pm -10 pm

Venue: Robinson College, Auditorium

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased from all our CCS committee, play committee, and the performers. Details of the tickets and contacts for tickets sale are given below:

Price: 8 pounds – CCS members
10 pounds – Non-CCS members

A few contacts for tickets:

Shuchan Qi (scq20@cam.ac.uk)
Calico Hong (ph394@cam.ac.uk)
Carter Zhou (mz274@cam.ac.uk)
Mengqing Zou (mz294@cam.ac.uk)
Hao Jiang (hj266@cam.ac.uk)
Kenan Wang (kw361@cam.ac.uk)
Chongshan Li (cl459@cam.ac.uk)
Yiteng Hu (yh302@cam.ac.uk)
Jite Gu (jg591@cam.ac.uk)
Liang Zhang (fellaleon@gmail.com)

We look forward to seeing you soon.


剑桥中国文化促进会,Cambridge University Chinese Culture Society(简称CUCCS)以宣传和弘扬中国文化为宗旨的学生组织。CUCCS始建于1998年,时至今日注册会员已达900余人,2010-2011学年度新招收会员近百余人。成员不仅仅局限于中国在剑桥留学生,也有在剑桥来自世界各地的友人,既有刚刚入学的本科生,也有已经成为本科学生辅导老师的博士生,还有已经参加工作和留校任教毕业生,这些丰富的社会资源给了我们很大的帮助,使得CUCCS成为剑桥学生社团中的一支生力军。为了促进中国文化的传播,充实学生的课余课外生活,CUCCS面向学校或者社会组织了丰富多采的活动。每一年,CUCCS名为“星光闪耀”的歌唱比赛和自编自导的舞台剧不仅仅吸引了当地学生的目光,还有很多来自英国各地的学生专程赶来观看而且倍受好评,为CUCCS在剑桥提供了广泛的知名度和优秀口碑。除此以外,我们积极加强与其他社团及国家的交流与合作,每年定期举办一些联合活动。同时作为一个成熟的组织,我们有专业的网站和杂志等附属系统,也有严格规范的分工与纪律。换届时都有详细的账目及总结,真正做到全透明管理。





将所要发送的邮件发至刘司晨在剑桥的邮箱(sl609@cam.ac.uk),由刘司晨通过剑桥mailing list系统向所有会员转发邮件。



Week 5 Newsletter

Dear CCS Members,

Please find in this week’s newsletter information about:

1) Final call for manifestos, deadline extended to Feb 23rd

2) AGM and Election

3) Annual Dinner final reminders


1) ———————Final call for manifestos———————-

After careful consideration and assessment of the candidates list by the current committee, we have decided to extend the DEADLINE of applications to ALL POSITIONS UNTIL next Thursday. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of positions (including publicity, ents, sports, IT, and sponsorship officers) still remain uncontested. We believe that the level of competition is not quite enough and it is always in the interest of our members to have more options.

Please submit your manifesto to Mengqing Zou at mz294@cam.ac.uk by 24:00 Thursday, 23rd Feb. (no longer than one A4 page).

Any submission beyond that date will be disqualified, even if you have expressed your interest to our committee members in person.

On next Friday we will send another email with all candidates’ manifestos attached as well as the final details about our AGM.

2)—————————-AGM and Election—————————-

Time: 12:00 – 16:00, Saturday, 25th Feb.

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College.

Notice for the candidates:

1. This year, we allow the President and Vice-President candidates to have a second choice for other positions. Please do indicate your second choice on your manifesto. The above two positions will be voted first (separated from other positions), and whoever fail can run for a second committee position of their choice in the next round of voting.

2. English speech is required for President, Vice-President and Publicity Officer candidates. For President and Vice-President candidates, the speech is 5 minutes long; for all other positions, each candidate is given 3 minutes for his/her speech.

3. Q&A session will be carried out after speeches for each position.

3)——————————Annual Dinner——————————

Our annual dinner is now fully booked. Thanks to all the people who have shown interests in this event.

Just three important things to note here:

1) This is a black-tie event.

2) Do NOT bring wine yourself, unless you are willing to pay a corkage fee of £13. Additional wine can be purchased at the dinner.

3) Please arrive at King’s College by 7pm and ask for the Beves Room.

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight.

Shuchan Qi
CUCCS President
Trinity College


Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society, usually referred to as CCS, is one of the biggest non-profit organizations run by Chinese students in the University of Cambridge.

Founded in 1998 by a group of enthusiastic Chinese undergraduates, CCS aims to enhance the influence of Chinese culture in Cambridge. Since its founding, CCS has grown tremendously into a society with over 800 members, consisting of students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and UK. The society regularly organizes a great variety of fun-filled and meaningful events, which not only enriches the university life, but also strengthens the bonds between our members. Furthermore, these activities also unfold the rich and fascinating Chinese culture to other students in Cambridge.

The first annual play <> (<<雷雨>>) struck Cambridge in 2003. The response was overwhelming – Each year, tens of thousands of audiences, including both University students and local residents, are attracted by the annual play. Also in the same year, CCS launched the production of the semester magazine, <> (<<言吾言>>), which is written by talented student writers. The magazine reaches every single member free of charge, and has since become the most influential in the local Chinese community. Apart from these, a range of sports matches against other societies are also organized each year to encourage CCS members to integrate into the University community. CCS also operates Mandarin lessons, and organizes various events such as garden parties, formals and theme park trips etc. to entertain our members.

Today CCS is widely acclaimed by students around Cambridge and it has been continued year after year by the committee members elected in the Annual General Meeting. And it is our members’ support that makes CCS becoming a more integrated, fun, well-organized society. Thank you!

News Letter 06/02/2011

Dear All,

Happy Chinese New Year! This is a reminder that the CCS Annual Dinner and AGM will be held soon in the week after next. Those are going to be the last two major events organized by the current committeee, so please show your enthusiasm and support!

For those of you who are thinking of running for a position in the CCS Committee next year, it is definitely in your interest to come to the annual dinner as it gives you the chance of talking to the current comittee members and showing your commitment to the society. Remember to bring along your best friends to support you!

———–CCS Annual Dinner(Lantern Festival 元宵节 formal)————-

Name: CCS Annual Dinner(Lantern Festival 元宵节 formal)
Date: 17th Feb, 元宵节
Location: Robinson college
Price: 21 for member/24 for non member
Dress Code: Black tie preferably
Wine policy: Negotiating with Robinson college.

Why come? 1 If you think the celebration for Chinese new year is not enough, then please come and celebrate Lantern Festival (元宵节) with us all together! What would be better than many people group together to celebrate the important festival? 2 This is a private dining event which means there will be *ONLY CCS* guests in the hall that day. Imagine a hall full of your friends ONLY and being served. CCS ONLY FORMAL. Hmm, feeling privileged? 3 To those who have not been to Robinson college before, I strongly suggest you to come. Not only because it is a lovely college with their beautiful garden, but they have reputation of HIGH QUALITY FOOD. I guess most people will not come to Robinson often since it is not in city centre. So don’t miss the chance! 4 This would be the last few events organized by this committee and certainly last event organized by me. So I want to see you all there. I bet all the committee would feel the same!! 5 The annual dinner is the official pre-election event for annual general meeting which is when the election happens on 19th Feb. To those who are running for next year committee positions, I can guarantee that you will have disadvantage to those who come if you can’t make it. My advice for them: bring/buy enough wine and be prepared for frequently making drink toss (敬酒). 6 Wine will be included hopefully. Quantities are not yet decided. Possibly 2 glasses each or a shared bottle between several people.

As I listed so many reasons(my fingers hurt now..), join us if you are free that night.

Payment method: Online Transfer: Name: Mr Boruo Xu Sort Code: 77-14-05 Account No: 16014368 As usual, after wiring the money please send me(xb209) an email with your Full NAME, CrsID, Membership status, Number of tickets purchasing and special dietary requirement. I will confirm with you once I receive the money AND the email. For any further enquires, please contact me on email or text(07881902502).

Last Ents love,

—————-CCS AGM—————

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Week 5 of Lent Term (Saturday, 19th February). During the AGM, the current committee will be delivering a short presentation to review this year’s progress and answer any potential

questions you may have. It’s promised to be a very emotional and exciting moment as the new committee will be elected immediately after this, on whom the future course of the society depends upon.

For those of you who would like to run for the 2011-12 committee, please submit your manifestos to Jenny Shen at js840@cam.ac.uk by 12am, 17th Feb (evening of 16th Feb).

The positions opened are:

President – (xx771)

Vice President – (ssh32)

Secretary – (js840)

Treasurer – (hz265)

Publicity Officer – (km520)

Ents Officer – (xb209)

Sports Officer – (yd231)

Magazine Editor – (bg286)

Play Producer -(jd498)

IT Officer – (dw357)

Sponsorship Officer -(yz343)

The email addresses of current committee members correspoding to each position are given in brackets. If you have any questions regarding to a particular postion, please do not hesitate to contact the relevent person and we are happy give you more detailed information about what we are doing on a day-to-day basis.

At the AGM, candidates will be each delivering a speech, which should last no more than 5 minutes for Presidential Candidates and no more than 3 minutes for all other candidates. Please note that candidates running for President, Vice President and Publicity officer are kindly asked to deliver at least 4/2 minutes of their 5/3-minute speeches in English. There will be a Q&A session for each position after all candidates running for it have spoken. All questions from the floor are directed to all the candidates running for that particular position. All CCS members are eligible to run and/or vote. Positions are elected by first-past-the-post voting.

The deadline for manifesto submission is 16th of February. However,it is always an advantage to do it early to show commitment to the society. So get keen and act ASAP if you interested!!

SUBJECT:AIESEC International Internships

Are you thinking of a summer internship abroad? Or maybe graduate
opportunities on a different continent?

Come and find out what opportunities AIESEC Cambridge can offer at our
presentation: Wednesday 2nd February 5.30pm, Keynes Hall, King’s College.

AIESEC offers students and recent graduates placements in development,
management, teaching, and technical fields in over 110 different countries.
Placements for 8 weeks to 18 months.

Not convinced?? watch this:

Hope to see you at the presentation!

AIESEC Cambridge


That is the end of this week’s newsletter. Robinson Hall is a lovely place. I look forward to seeing a lot of you guys down there!

Keren Ma
(CUCCS Publicity)